White and Full Color

Lecia has been making cameras since 1913.  They were intended for outdoor, landscape photography and thus were built small and tough.  They have been refined and repurposed over the years.  They have moved into the digital age and have begun to become for a collectors item than a practical camera.  They still capture high qualities images and are very durable, made almost entirely of metal.  The attention to detail and craft on these puppies are top notch. In fact Steve Jobs referenced Lecia camera quality construction when talking about the standards held to the construction of the iPhone 4.

This here their newest iteration for the collector. Clocking in at $8,500.00 for a 10.5 megapixel camera. This white and silver beauty was designed by the company itself. Only 275 have been made.  You are more likely to look at it as a piece of art rather than create one with it.  What a strange world we live in that we should spend so much on a camera that is the image itself rather than the maker of one.  I know there is no way in the world i would walk around outside taking pictures of my family with something that cost this much.  They say he best camera is the one you have with you.  I will never have this one with me because of the price and the beauty of the thing itself.  Give me a cameraphone and my boys playing in the leaves any day.  Check it here.

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  1. This Leica Titanium M9 only costs 29,000 dollars. A true bargain. http://bit.ly/b2QY3i

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