Laser Candelabra & Soundwave Saucers

These unusual creations are the spawn of traditional craft and computer imagery.  They all exist in the real world but where put through computer aided processes before their physical creation. The candelabra was first a laser scan of a silver candelabra. Using the strange reflections and errors in calculation this new incarnation of it was created. The cups and saucers were put through a soundwave simulation and then created in the physical world from the resulting distortions.  I love these new ways of looking at the way the world works.  I have often wanted to have  mirror where you could see the lightwaves it reflects shooting out of it’s surface in all directions.  This gives me a rough feel of that.  The unseen is all around us and affects us in ways we can not see or quantify. To see more great work from Studio Mrmann check here.

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