Day by day we are growing into something.

What are you growing into?



This year I have had the privilege of working with a number of great bands and as a part of Highland Church to imagine, create, shoot and edit lots of video and motion projects.  Above is a short sampling of what came out of NTHNdesign studio in 2013. I am so grateful to be able to create things with meaning and purpose. What a blessing.


ISON is on

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These five posters were created for the Twin Cities based band Greycoats for a residency at the Amsterdam Club.

The concept is based around the reality of  comet ISON as it coming through our solar system nieghborhood  in November of 2013. This makes me think about how amazing it is that our planet doesn’t fall victim to extraterrestrial debris that is flying over all of us. It is a testament to the vastness of space and the privileged nature of our planet and our place in the universe. That’s deep enough for now. Check out Greycoats if you haven’t yet. Great band!



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I am excited to share these creatures to spice up your instagrams or any other project. There are two versions of these graphics first .jpg version and then .png versions.  I have found Blender to be a great app to use these with, though any app that uses layers will work. Enjoy and please add #NTHNcreatures to the post so we can all enjoy your creations.

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Click to download zip file (two extra creatures: Crying Cloud & Stringy Ghost)
NTHNcreatures png

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NTHNcreatures jpg

NTHNcreature jpg NTHNcreature2 jpg NTHNcreature3 jpg NTHNcreature4 jpg NTHNcreature6 jpg NTHNcreature7 jpg NTHNcreature9 jpg NTHNcreature13 jpg NTHNcreature11 jpg




Taking Flight

Guthrie103_905-1 _JSP4828-Edit_905-1 LOKA100-3_905 Villa Blabar. Loft seating area.  Foto: Jason Strong VB108_905-1 VB108_905

This is some fantastic photography and video.  Jason Strong is a architectural photographer based out of Stockholm, Sweden. He has been taking photographs for 10 plus years.  Having gone to school for interior architecture, Jason has a special eye for the meaning and purpose of not just the structure he his photographing, but the furniture, wall hangings, color palate and even details such as light switches.  His clean and precise style is reflected in every shot. He does not let his style interfere with the project he is shooting but clearly and cleanly lets the subjects speak for themselves. His newest project is done in a fashion I have never seen before. He decided to shoot a personal residence not just in still photography, nor even simply in motion, but with flight.  He teamed up with some other film makers and scouted, directed and edited this amazing piece of architectural footage. Even in this very amazing style the heart of the building is what comes through, not some fancy style of shooting.

I think this is really a principle that we can all carry into our own lives.  Let the person you are with, the project you are working and the God you serve be the thing that shines through.  We taint so many wonderful things in this world by trying too hard to put our own stamp on them. Just a thought inspired by these great projects. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of his portfolio here.

Blessings, NTHN